JohnAndShan1John Youell, Jr. serves as the founding pastor of Fellowship Church in Oklahoma City, OK. He and his wife, Shandra Youell started the church in a movie theater as a mobile church. Through several stages of transition and growth, Fellowship Church continues to meet people where they are with the life giving message of Christ.  Together, John and Shandra have three children. John holds a Masters in Theology from Southwestern Christian University. He teaches apologetics, ethics, theology and other subjects at Destiny Christian School in Del City.
The message of John’s life is one of freedom, health and hope. His testimony flows from a deliverance encounter with Jesus Christ which propelled him to a new life. He has dedicated his life to sharing the timeless truths of God’s word, educating Christians to stand in the Freedom purchased by Christ and building Fellowship Church into a place where Heaven con crash into earth and lives can be changed forever.



Does Truth Still Matter?

The end of each year brings with it summarized information designed to give us insights into the heart, mind and soul of our culture. Whether it’s Google’s Top Searches or ESPN’s Top 10 plays, there is something about encapsulating a year’s worth of data in a way that explains where we have been and where we are going as a culture.
Earlier this month the folks at Oxford Dictionaries came …


Transformation Starts Here


John Youell

Walk into any bookstore in any town in the USA and you are sure to find and entire section of books dedicated to the idea of self-transformation. Every night television programing runs hours of weight-loss products, exercise programs and other elixirs promising transformative results to those who utilize their products. What is the message that is being conveyed? “You need to change your life,” they communicate, “and this product will transform your life for the better.”


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