JohnAndShan1John Youell, Jr. serves as the founding pastor of Fellowship Church in Oklahoma City, OK. He and his wife, Shandra Youell started the church in a movie theater as a mobile church. Through several stages of transition and growth, Fellowship Church continues to meet people where they are with the life giving message of Christ.  Together, John and Shandra have three children. John holds a Masters in Theology from Southwestern Christian University. He teaches apologetics, ethics, theology and other subjects at Destiny Christian School in Del City.
The message of John’s life is one of freedom, health and hope. His testimony flows from a deliverance encounter with Jesus Christ which propelled him to a new life. He has dedicated his life to sharing the timeless truths of God’s word, educating Christians to stand in the Freedom purchased by Christ and building Fellowship Church into a place where Heaven con crash into earth and lives can be changed forever.


Priority Principle

The first command of God is that we are to not have any gods before Him. This must have seemed rather striking for the children of Israel to hear. After all, they had spent the last several houndred years in Egyptian bondage being indoctrinated with their many gods, to now be restricted to one would be astonishing. Don’t forget, before the dust had settled on the commands of God e …


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