Priority Principle

The first command of God is that we are to not have any gods before Him. This must have seemed rather striking for the children of Israel to hear. After all, they had spent the last several houndred years in Egyptian bondage being indoctrinated with their many gods, to now be restricted to one would be astonishing. Don’t forget, before the dust had settled on the commands of God etched into the stone tablets, the Israelites were at the base of the mountain making a golden idol and proclaiming that it had brought them up out of Egypt.
It is easy to look at the historical story and scoff at Isreal for their lack of faith and their wickedness. But, are we much different? Do we still not struggle keeping God as the top priority in our hearts? How easily we can place other things “before” Him. Activities, sporting events, children’s athletics, work, leisure, pleasure…the list can go on and on of things that quickly take the top priority in our lives. The reasonings that we come up with to excuse our shifting priorities is only more telling of the mixture of loyalties we carry.
We cannot change the past…all we can do is recognize when we have not kept God in the proper place of priority, repent of it, and choose today to correct the priority list in our heart. So, if you were to make out a priority list for your life, would your heart and actions back it up? Keep Him first, and he will take care of the rest.